Mother & Daughter from Georgia, Making Soaps & Scented Candles


Add some natural scents and ingredients to your everyday routine with handmade scented candles and soap bars!
The place to get them is MiYayaHandmadeGoods– a new rising Etsy shop owned by a mother & daughter duo.
The daughter makes the most amazing soap bars, while the mother shares her scented candles- together- they must have one amazing smelling home!

The unique soap bars you’ll find on MiYayaHandmadeGoods Etsy shop are made using various natural ingredients like: oatmeal, shea butter, turmeric, goat milk and more! Making sure your skin would feel as good as it smells!

Mini Soap Favors for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and more!

If you like these types of soap bars for yourself- you could also get them for your friends in your next big event or shower! You even have a separate listing for that- featuring mini-sized soap bars in quantities fitting a baby shower, bridal shower, and other events- as well as a nice price to add to it!

Mini Soap Favors, Bridal Shower, Wedding Shower, Baby Shower, Wedding, Special Events

Get your scented candles while you’re at it!

Using soy blend wax, the mother in this duo is making awesome candles.
As this shop is just getting started, there will be many more candles in different scents as time passes by… So favorite the shop to see whenever it updates a new product, and/or a sale!

Home for the Holiday- Soy Blend Candle 10oz

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their candles and soaps in it!


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Handmade Soap- Various Scents, Oatmeal shea butter, Goat Milk

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