Moving In Together? You’d Want These Things In Your House!


If you have just moved in together, or if you already have a joint apartment- you will want to add these items to your house… Decoration wise and LOVE wise 🙂

I have scattered the web to find you the coolest things you can have in your house… His & Hers items, matching everything and things that simply scream I LOVE YOU… So make sure your CC is in reach cause you are about to go on a shopping spree….

His & Hers Items:

A LOVE Statue

Like this cool one I found on Etsy:


I found this cool item at a store called R3Printing that makes affordable, beautiful, and environmentally Friendly 3D decorations for your home… I know you can find these statues anywhere, but I believe it is more amazing purchasing it from an online seller who worked hard on making this piece, and made it GREEN as can be.

The Perfect Picture Frame:

And last but not least…

The Perfect Wall Sticker!


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