MRBBridal – Custom Handmade Bridal Garters


If you’re looking for the best way to spice up your wedding day- that would be with a special handmade garter- without a doubt! I recently came across a cool etsy store called MRBBridal. They make amazing handmade bridal garters that would fit in with any bride, and any style…
Let’s start with the obvious- purity garters:

However, this super funky store also makes garters with a bit more style than that… For women who are ready to let in some color to their wedding look:

This store ships handmade custom wedding garter world wide from the United States, and with over 1800 sales, they have managed to keep a five stars rating- and that says a lot for Etsy ! You could find more information about the store and it’s sales in their Facebook fan page, as well as find more amazing designs in the store itself! Make sure to have a measuring tape with you when you order- in order for you to get the absolute best garter for your tight!

Have a great wedding day… And most important- wedding night!

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