My Christmas Must Haves Shopping List


When Christmas is right around the corner I have to say that I am making my favourite shopping lisk of all times- My Christmas Must Have Shopping List!


I’m such a fan of the big Xmas stockings next to the fire place, and this year I think I have found the perfect ones on Ali Express… They are just so… Christmasy! At a price of $1.5 for each, they are definitely going to show up at my credit card charge this year!


Christmas Sweater

I like to look festive for Christmas eve, so this stary sweater is the second item on my Christmas must-haves list! I am only wondering about the colour I should get… But since it’s $12 a piece, I might just get 2. What do you think?


Christmas Wine Glass Charms

My Christmas party can’t be complete without amazing XMAS charms to wrap around the wine glasses at the table. I normally order 2 kinds, with different colours, and make ose glass with one, and the next glass with the other, creating a beautiful Christmas dinner table.


Christmas Greeting Cards

Every year I like to send out a different Christmas card for distant family and friends. This year I saw this cool shop on Etsy selling personalizes cards and prints and found this amazing design that you can order off of the seller, Faire-part Bedon à Bébé, and than print out at home. What I liked the most about this seller is that you don’t have to wait long to get your order, since there’s no “real” package sent to you, but the file on the computer, making sure you won’t get the cards when it’s too late to send them! Click on the picture attached to go to the seller’s Etsy shop and see more designs and ideas (She also has amazing baby shower designs…)


What’s on your XMAS shopping list? For more ideas check out ETSY’s Christmas shopping guide!

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