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In my previous post I have introduced you to Cheryl, the owner of a very unique Etsy store that sells amazing and handmade garters for women on their big day… However, I failed to mention that Cheryl has another store… One of a similar concept but with more… COLOR & SPUNK! ((Check out the store’s FB page for more deals and designs!))

So, it’s about time to DITCH tradition aside and go for something a bit different.. Amazing and handmade Leopard/Zebra/Peacock Feather/Kanzashi Flower Garters- That’s what it’s all about in Cheryl’s Etsy store NakedOrchidGarters. This store will show you the FUN side of getting married, the fun of being able to wear that white dress and have the most unique garter underneath… Or better yet- wear a silky white dress with a unique Bridal Head Piece that will make everyone turn their heads around… Something like this Peacock piece:

Peacocks are a big trend in this Etsy store, and here’s a bit more of that unique style:

In Cheryl’s store you’ll also be able to find the perfect decor for your wedding shoes- with amazing, handmade and unique shoe clips- you are guaranteed to be walking down the isle with shoes to remember you by…

For those of you who want to get married on special occasions like Halloween or The Day Of The Dead, or even have a cool nifty theme wedding- Cheryl created this masks collections- for the perfect bride to be:

Store ships worldwide from Michigan, United States, holds more than 1000 sales
under her belt, and manages to maintain a 5 stars rating!
So- what are you waiting for?

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