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With amazing reviews about just how much this store has been helping people in the short amount of time it’s been opened- BuitySkincare Etsy shop is on my agenda today- and it’s a great place to be at!

The store is owned by Tuoi Bui from London, UK.
She was a woman with a problem at hand… And as she tried to fix it- she discovered her true business in life!

I am a mother of a gorgeous boy who has eczema and I am experiencing dry, flaky, itchy skin myself.
More than 2 years ago I started making 100% natural skincare products to use for my son nappy rash and eczema because the Sudocrem did not work for him and I did not want to use Steroid cream on his skin. Since then I made products for my dry skin and family and friends who have dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, lupus .. I am glad that my products help on their skin conditions.

(Tuoi wrote in her Etsy shop profile)

So many products in Tuoi’s store are mention worthy, and you can see the full collection of her natural skin care products HERE, but I had to recommend what’s close to my heart-
Rosehip & Matcha Green Tea Exfoliating Balm, Argan Hair Oil, Energizing Breath Inhaler, Facial Cleansing Oil and a Vanilla & Cocoa Butter body butter!

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Liked any of these products?
You’ll find a lot more of these high quality natural skin care
and hair care products
on BuitySkincare Etsy shop!

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