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These days it seems like every person that has an iPhone is a photographer, and travel and nature photography have become one of the biggest social media trends in our lives. However, there is still a safe warm place in our hearts (and eyes) for REAL photographers and their amazing work.
One of the most talented photographers in the nature photography scene is Fredrik LuxbyF from Båstad, Sweden. His photography motto is “Chasing the light”, and when you see his works you’ll understand just how much this motto is what you see.

As a photographer, Fredrik is focusing on Nature and especial the way that nature’s light appears and reshapes the view we see. His photography “goal” is to capture the unique lightning he sees in different places and situation in order to give his audience the true experience of that place in time.

When I am out in the nature I follow my heart instead of any technical rules… I feel it is more important to create a beautiful image. I really hope you will enjoy my images. Don´t forget unique is everything.
(A quote from Fredrik’s Etsy store)

Yoga Girl, unframed,

Recently, Fredrik decided to open an Etsy store to show his beautiful photographs. The name of the store is simply: LuxByF, and the photos you’ll see there are the perfect addition to any work/study room, as well as an object to make any room feel calmer and more relaxed.

The Old Quarry, Large Wall Art, Photography Print, Landscape

Alongside these beautiful artistic nature shots, Fredrik also uploads beautiful street photos from places he travels to to his Instagram account. I especially fancied this beautiful street art shot from Berlin:

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I love how he uses that perfect light to capture nature’s biggest accomplishment- the ocean, and I can’t wait to see more of his work soon!

You can follow more of Fredrik’s work in his Instagram account,
or in his 500xp page.
Visit his store for more amazing images and the option
to purchase one of his prints (framed or not).

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