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A home based business, Nose Sugar Candles are hand poured in small batches and made with love and care in our workshop located in the southern California rural high desert. I spent two and a half years experimenting with scent formulations before opening my Etsy shop.

Says- Emm Churchman, owner of NoseSugarCandles Etsy shop.
All of her fragrances are cruelty free, and her scented candles are a vegan treat to the nose!

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Currently offering 17 different scents in her Etsy shop, Emm has made some of the “greatest hits” fragrances, like Vanilla, and some more unique scents like Vermont Pirate’s Breakfast (Maple Syrup, Coffee & Rum) or Tea And Roses.

If scented candles are “your thing” or if you know someone who loves the warm smell of scented soy candles- you might want to follow Emm around (not in real life, of course, but through social media) on her Facebook or Twitter accounts- and that way you’ll always see a new scent she creates or a potential sale in her Etsy shop!

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