OMG- I think I’ve found a store that has it ALL!


I love Etsy, really, and if you’ve been reading my blog for the past 2 years- you know that about me. People go to Etsy to sell their graphic designs, crochet patterns, wall decals, shoes, jewelry and so much more.
But… On Urslii Etsy shop– I discovered they sell almost everything!
This store uses graphic design to create unique products that can be customized for your needs, carrying out your country’s flag, a baby’s name, a funny cartoon, an abstract pattern, and much more!

A Swiss Towel flag

I have seen beach towels, swimsuits, baby onesies, Patriotic tShirts- and still I haven’t even started grasping the amount of products you could find with Urslii.
The owner, Pascal, made sure to be able to ship his precious designs worldwide- so anyone reading this post could enjoy them!

The variety of gifts makes Pascal’s Etsy shop the perfect gift shop that it is- with the option to fidn gifts for men, women, kids, and everyone you care about!

Snowleopard One-Piece Swimsuit

Visit pascal’s shop on Etsy to see
more than 4000 designs!!

A Vietnamese Towel

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