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The art of beadwork is a long lasting art with great legacy, from the earlier days of the human kind, through the lost tribes of Africa and Asia. Through the last decades and centuries the jewelry world has evolved greatly, with gold, silver, precious stones and diamonds, however- the beads never died.

boho leather beadwork bracelet

These days true beadwork is rare.
Bead necklaces and bracelets are mass produced in the far east, and most of what you’ll see are standard one or two color pieces. But if your heart longs for a true beadwork jewelry item- there’s no better place than Etsy.
Etsy, the handmade marketplace that sells unique items online worldwide, is the best place to find unique and one of a kind beadwork- in necklaces, bracelets and more. And when I searched Etsy for some unique sellers with a special eye for design I came across Glenda.

gemstone wrap bracelet

As the owner and designer of Eclectic Bead Works brand, this jewelry artist is truly the life force of this unique art- and if your heart wants a unique item, that only you will have- her store is the place you need to go.

boho beads bracelet turquoise bracelet

Her shop’s main focus are designs featuring rare Turquoise stones, Corals, and a special Hill Tribe Silver- all the way from exotic Thailand.
Her designs have many faces and many styles, all featured in the beadwork. From delicate items, to aggressive, from colorful to statements (like her special cancer awareness bracelet).

cancer awareness bracelet cancer awareness handmade bracelet

You’ll also be able to find different softer statement bracelets featuring different charms and medallions, celebrating love for Christ, animals, nature and more.

ethnic tribal christ necklace artisan bracelet from beads octopus bracelet beadwork

For more of her designs you can visit her Etsy store or Facebook profile!

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