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Etsy has been around longer than we can even recall, but more and more sellers are popping up, sharing goods from all over the world- with buyers from all ends of our earth!
Some sellers sell their handmade crafts, while others sell collectable items or vintaged ones, items that are simply impossible to find otherwise.

I have been writing about successful and eye catching Etsy stores for almost two years now, but the people who really deserve to have the spotlight shed on them- are new sellers.
I set out to find new and interesting sellers on Etsy and came across Nicole Davies- owner of DressedAllOver Etsy store- and you’re gonna want to see what this store has to offer!

This store is a place where fashion and t-shirt lovers could find peace with One of a kind Vintage Japanese clothing! And the secret is? They were all picked by a 2 year old!
Nicole is a full-time mom and she takes her 2 year old son with her when she goes to explore vintage clothing stores. These items are easy to find… If you live in Asia! But for US pips & Europeans- this store could save you a trip to the far east- with a click of a button!

The store surly has style, with a unique line of vintage clothing- and of course- the model of the year- SPIDERMAN!
Yup, Nicole likes to keep her privacy, along with her son’s, and that’s why she is modeling her chosen outfits- while wearing a spiderman mask! You have to admit- you didn’t see that one coming!

Polka dots, flowers, t-shirts and dresses… Stop by Nicole’s store to see more!
make sure to also follow her store on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter– to make sure you’re always updated when a new item comes along- after all- they are one of a kind 🙂

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