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One of the things i have always loved about Etsy was the fact that it gives stage to so many talented people… People you might not have heard of otherwise.
People that come from various points of views, who been through different things, and have had different experiences to inspire them.
In the efforts of showing the world your gifts and crafts, people often found that the journey is easy- if you got company! And so- 2 women with very different crafts have joined powers to create an Etsy shop with a lot of good and interesting items- that any woman would love!

Oracle Warrior Goddess is a jewelry line, a collection of beautiful items, handmade to perfection. Fine jewelry gifts for your mom, girlfriend, wife, best friend- and even yourself!
The Oracle is a spiritual woman, moving through life in hopes of better connecting with people, nature, and use that universal energy for good.

Her unique handmade jewelry gifts are accompanied by collectables and vintage items, collected throughout the years, and selected carefully… Only vintage items that are truly worthy- are presented in this shop!

However, with one women collecting and making, another woman, Arreno Blair, had a passion for skin care… Thus creating Hippie Pharm– a great brand for unique organic and natural skin care products! Creating this brand wasn’t what Arreno intended… As she started her family she discovered so many bad ingredients in their skin care products- she simply had to find an alternative… And now- that alternative is made available to you!

As the two co-exist under OracleWarriorGoddess Etsy shop-
you could follow them each individually on social media:
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Blue Topaz, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Silver, Healing, Chakra, Pendant, Choker, Necklace
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All natural vegan Bliss Face Serum for reducing pores, anit-wrinkles and acne sensitive skin

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