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I was watching an episode of Jessica Jones the other day, from the new season. One of the characters was talking about octopuses in the most enchanting way.
With my head fresh from Jessica Jones, I ran into a store called PinkPolishDesign, and couldn’t help but noticing that the owner, Katie Harmon, is selling the most unique and gorgeous octopus watercolor thank you card print….

Thankful Octopus - Nautical Watercolor Painting Art Print - Ivory Note Card

Katie is not just about the octopuses… She has so many one of a kind paintings, drawings and ink work- that she transfers to digital files and create the most unique greeting cards and prints.

On top of greeting cards and prints Katie also keeps beautiful stickers, bookmarks, magnets and buttons & pins in her Etsy shop... If you’re a fan of Katie’s style (like me) feel free to follow and like her work on Social Media:

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Find out more about Katie and her art on her Etsy shop PinkPolishDesign or official website!

Shake It Off - Fashion Inspired Watercolor Painting - Art Print Anne Shirley - Anne of Green Gables Inspired Watercolor Painting - Art Print

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