Original Mini Ink Art & The Most Unique Princess Leia Notebook


If you’re looking to add some color into your life, if you like original art, day of the dead art or Star Wars- Roberta is the person to go to!

This Pennsylvania artist is the owner of Arsenic And Glitter-
a great boutique on Etsy for original ink artwork.

Pirate Lass - Original Artwork ATC:ACEO

In her shop, Roberta is sharing some interesting Day of the Dead themed ink paintings she made- in miniature size!
No a lot of people know that, but mini-art is 10 times harder than art in “normal” size. The artist has to be extremely attentive to the smallest of details, and quite skilled to be able to “paint small”.
However, I think Roberta nailed it! Wouldn’t you agree?

Tudor Princess Leia Notebook

Her most amazing artwork is a beautiful ink art of Princess Leia, which Roberta had printed on a notebook! Since she used her artwork and printed it on the notebook- you can have as many as you like! So, if you’re a member of a Star Wars fan club- anyone could get one!

Tudor Princess Leia Notebook

If you like this style- get social with Roberta-
so you’d never miss any of her new and exciting works of art!
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Visit Arsenic And Glitter on Etsy for all the details!

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