Original Painting & Fine Art Canvases by Irena Orlov


Some people view art as an outlet, and it takes bad things happening to them to get them to paint or create. Other people are just naturally gifted, painting or singing along the way as a mean to pass on time.. And some people… Some people just see the magic we can’t!

Inspired by Rothko 72, Watercolor Abstract Blue Purple Green Canvas Art Print, Watercolor Painting Print up to 72 by Irena Orlov

Irena Orlov is one of these people.
Growing up, Irena was drawn to art. While some people saw a canvas with paint on it- Irena saw magic, opportunities… She was fascinated by just how much beauty is in art, and what it could mean to the world.
I think that it’s that energy she had, that talent that she was given, is what made her the successful artist she is today.

It’s not easy to succeed in art. Even in today’s world, where art is more accessible, artists struggle to sell one or two of there pieces… But Irena managed to open an Etsy shop for her art– selling originals and printed canvases she had designed, painted and envisioned… And  we love her for it!

Atlantica N 3. Abstract Paintings Art, Wall Decor, Extra Large Abstract Blue Contemporary Canvas Art Print up to 48 by Irena Orlov Colorful Zebra II. Geometrical Abstract Art, Wall Decor Extra Large Abstract Colorful Contemporary Canvas Art Print up to 48 by Irena Orlov London. Canvas Print by Irena Orlov 24x36

If you like the unique art shared in this post- go to Irena Orlov Etsy shop- browse through her creations- and you just might find the next art piece that will brighten up your walls and bring inspiration to your household.

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London. Canvas Print by Irena Orlov 24x36

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