Our Little Home – Custom Name Print Family Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a beautiful custom family gift idea, or just for a new print to your home- you should check out SBPrintsDesigns Etsy shop!
Owned by Borislav, a talented graphic designer, SBPrintsDesigns shop is the best place to find custom family name prints on Etsy! Amongst Borislav’s creations, you’ll find 2 cute print designs, that are fully customizable, containing your family name, and the names of the members of your family!

our little home custom family names print

Custom family names print:

These beautiful family name prints tha Borislav makes can be found in two font designs, basically 2 styles, with cursive writings, in italic or straight up!
They come on top of a high quality print paper, and with a beautiful orange and green design that simply fits any room- and really warms up the vibe of that room!

To get your very own custom name prints as a family gift,
or as a new custom name print decor idea-
visit Borislav’s Etsy shop SBPrintsDesigns today!

custom family prints our little home

Maya Mey Aroyo

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