Painted Gourds by Award Winning Artist – Devon Cameron


Devon Cameron’s life took an unexpected turn when she started her
business of painting on… Gourds!

I never imagined a partnership with mother nature was in my future as I studied Music Therapy and went on to get my Master’s Degree in Special Education. Though from a very early age I was drawn to the arts and had won several awards for my work, I, like many, decided on the more practical path. But alas, the creative arts always wins in my life, and here I am with my gourds.

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Devon says in her Etsy shop, Gourdament.
The shop is a huge celebration of color and attention to details, as Devon uses gourds as her canvas- and making them come to life! The artistic process that Devon is making these gourds go through is a double one:
First she carves them or decides o their final shape. Her gourds could be sold complete- as ornaments, or be cut to a bowl shape or even a bird feeder!
Second- comes the paint, the colors and the creative thought behind deciding if to draw a little butterfly or turn the gourd into a cat all together!

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If you like this style and think someone in your family or friend’s circle would be joyful getting one of Devon’s gourds- go to Gourdament and see more for yourselves!

Follow the store on Instagram to always see the latest Gourdy-designs !!

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