Paraben Free, Talc Free, Cruelty Free Cosmetics Line


It’s amazing to see how tasks we used to struggle with become easier as time passes and technology develops.
I remember, as a child, that it was so hard for me to even think about makeup. With a sensitivity to Parabens (which I believe people should avoid even if they’re not sensitive)- it was hard for me to find a good compact, let alone mascara or a lip balm. However, things are much easier these days!
More and more cosmetic companies place health before all in their products to create something cleaner. A lot of companies also refrain from testing their products on animals- which is a huge blessing.

One of these companies that provide you with great paraben free makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals (and doesn’t include talc) is TENEILLE COSMETICS.
Established in 2013, TENEILLE COSMETICS provides you with some amazing makeup solutions and products. They’re collections are high-pigmented, and are packed for maximum comfort and style… And they are taking over the web!

teneille cosmetics lipgloss lipstick paraben free cruelty free no talc

It’s all in the colors…

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If you’re planning a makeup purchase anytime soon, you should now that TENEILLE COSMETICS offers free shipping on any order above $50. Click here to see their full collection!

teneille cosmetics lipgloss lipstick paraben free cruelty free no talc

Happy holidays, pretty, healthy, and cruelty free!

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