Paul Hlabse & His Crafty Woodwork


In the age of IKEA and large retail shopping- people often forget that mass production comes with a price… The price of quality and uniqueness. If you’re one of the people who value quality and want to have the right craftsmanship in your home- meet Paul Hlabse!

Large Gentleman Cedar Birdhouse with Flush Mount Hardware : Whimsical Birdhouse : Cedar Bird Feeder : Wood Birdhouse : Cedar Bird

Paul is the owner of InkedWoodworking, and for the past several years he has sold his unique crafty woodwork to almost 1000 people!

Farmhouse Rocking Cow : Rocking Animal : Large Rocking Toy : Kid's Toy : Kid's Room Furniture : kids' furniture : photography prop : cow

Paul’s woodwork is inspired by so many things, and you can see that when you enter his Etsy shop and see just how variant his work is! From making a bookshelf inspired by the cat in the hat, to making children’s play horses, from making newspaper and toys stands for kids’ rooms- to making a simple classy living room table… Paul is simply so talented!

He started off shipping only to the US, but “with great talent comes great responsibility” and Paul understands that and can ship outside the US to make as many people happy as he can!

Stackable Monkey Bookshelf : kids furniture : Kid's Bookshelf : Monkey Bookshelf : Kid's Bookcase : Stackable Bookcase : Monkey Decor

If you want to see more of this amazing woodwork-
go to Paul’s Etsy shop InkedWoodworking

2' Cat In The Hat Bookcase : Dr Seuss Bookshelf : Whimsical Bookcase : Alice in Wonderland Furniture : Dr Seuss Bookcase : Tabletop decor Intricate Huge Old Hag : Sea Wench Cedar Birdhouse : Witch Birdhouse : Cedar Bird Feeder : Face birdhouse : Whimsical Birdhouse : Cedar Bird

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