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Meet Ula Spinu, the owner of Tatadolls Etsy shop, and one seriously creative woman!

It’s amazing for me to see how many Etsy stores are owned by moms, and how many of these moms found their creative calling while trying to make something for their kids!
Ula is no different!
Having 2 daughters has changed her life more than making her a mom…
In her desire to spoil her girls with the best- she decided to make their dolls herself, creating unique doll designs you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Life and success is a snow ball, and as she made these unique dolls for her girls, her friends and family loved them and wanted too! Taking that to the next level, Ula is now selling to worldwide strangers that get to enjoy the fruits of her love for her girls!

Her dolls are an amazing gift for any kid or adult, they’re not the only thing she sells!

Making these dolls is half the fun, so if you got some creative spirit in you- Ula is also selling PDF printable patterns of her dolls- giving you all the guidance you need to make them yourself at home!

As the world of creativity and design never sleeps-
Ula is always coming up with new doll designs and patterns to share with you!
Keep track on her new creations as well as potential sales by
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