Personalized Baby Name Banners & Storage for Babies’ Accessories


Got a new baby on the way and you’re setting up a nursery?
Got a friend who recently gave birth and you want to give her something special?
Meet MerrybellDecor Etsy store- the place where you could get amazing Personalized baby name banners as well as storage and decorative items for any nursery- big or small!
This special store is owned by Merrybell, and she sells her unique handmade baby-art worldwide from Israel. Here are just some of the items you could find in her store:

You could also find other Nursery accessories like plushy-wall-art, as well as individual letters of the AlphaBet to display at your nursery:

Like what you’re seeing?
Keep in mind that Merrybell has over 400 items in her store– and the ones I’ve chosen are just the tip of the iceberg!


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