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Art takes many forms. The old canvas oil paintings were replaced by cheap IKEA prints, and art has become a work made by computer and not man.
Still, in all of this progress, some designers take it upon themselves to create tech-art, with unique designs of prints for canvas, which can be used as wall art, house decor or even greetings for special occasions. One of these artists is Gina.

Originally from Germany, Gina moved to California, where she studied art and graphic design. As she is devoted to start her own graphic business, you will be able to find more than 800 listings in her Etsy shops, with more and more art joining every week. Her Etsy store, IndigoRain is up and running for 3 years now, and almost made it to the 6000 sales mark!
Her dream shop came out of necessity, as she was a fresh mom who wanted to spend more time with her child instead of commuting to work everyday. Now she offers her art, her unique eye, all while customizing everything and personalizing her canvases for anyone who needs something special!

Here are some of her amazing art pieces:




Feel free to follow Gina’s creations:

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