Personalized Felted Animals and Artistic Shoes


If you’re looking for an Etsy store to get a fuzzy little gift to a loved one from, or to get the most comfortable shoes for yourself- you’ve found it! ShimaFiberArt is the name to remember, and it’s an Etsy store run by Jelena, a self-taught artist from Jonava, Lithuania. I would love to share some of her amazing artistic mind with you gals, but you’ll have to get ready to feel the cuteness!

Let’s start with a few photos of the felted slippers Jelena is making from organic wool:

handmade felted slippers blue handmade felted slippers organic wool felted slippers unisex adult felted handmade slippers

These were some generic models, meant to fit most people, and with a smooth and gentle design. But what if you’d like something more personal?
Let’s say you have a cat.
Let’s say you have two cats…
You can send Jelena their photo- and she will make you slippers- with their faces!
Isn’t that the cutest thing EVER?

turn a cat picture to slippers custom cat portrait slippers

Before you perish from cuteness- embrace yourselves- the best is yet to come!
Jelena has such a creative mind, one that made her create amazing miniature model of our beloved character from Alice in Wonderland, as well as some eggs in the basket (newly-wed gift idea), a mini-pig and a real size mouse!

bird nest with eggs felted pig felted mouse alice in wonderland Felt art felted doll

Jelena has a lot more items and ideas in her ETSY store-
so feel free to check it out!
(You could also visit her Instagram, it’s amazing!)

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