Personalized Straw Summer Hats – The Trend for Summer 2019


What men usually don’t understand is WHEN we choose to do our shopping when we shop online! A man will see the cold temperatures outside and think- why shop for summer items now? But… if you take into account that online shopped goods take time to arrive + the fact that everything is cheaper on the off-season- it does actually make sense to shop for summer- in the winter!

One of the hottest rising trends is having everything personalized! It’s as if being unique and OOAK is a trend of it’s own! So, just before everyone find out about this- you gals oughta be the first to check out the hottest trend for summer 2019- personalized straw summer hats!
Yeah- straw is making a come-back (did it ever actually leave?) and with shops like IvanClothing it’s easier than ever to get a personalized straw hat for summer 2019!

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Here are some of the unique straw hats you could have personalized on IvanClothing Etsy shop:

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Find out more about how you could get your very own
personalized straw summer hat on IvanClothing!

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