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If you’re looking for get a gift for one short loved one- you should know that all the kids today are into scooters! You could buy them toys, dolls, or even gadgets, but they will probably lose interest in them after 1-2 hours. However- a scooter is something that they would show their enthusiasm for a while- but still have interest it after the initial gift un-wrapping- since they’d be using it on a daily basis.

Fascol online store makes some of the best scooters in the market, and currently are focusing their TLC with marketing the perfect scoter for your little princesses- a Pink Surfer Scooter.

What do you get when you purchase Fascol’s Pink Surfing Scooter?
This scooter has a unique C-shape and a protective design that acts like a bumper is case of any hard collision- and we all know that safety comes first! The same design also prevents your little angel from taking any Sharp Dangerous Turns.
The scooter’s wheels are Stylish and Flashing- makign sure your kid would LOVE them! The flexible Hand Brake activates Rear Wheel Brake- to provide you with extra Control & Safety.
For maximum comfort, Fascol’s Pink Surfing Scooter is equipped with Rubber Grip Handles.

To conclude- the scooter is durable, Anti-abrasive, is equipped with quiet-ride wheels that make it suitable for Home-rides, Street and Park Riding. You can even take your kid to the mall on this comfortable scooter!

What more can you find at Fascol?

3 in 1 Trikes, Ride on suitcases, Tricycles, Toddler’s Kick Scooters, Toys for babies, Baby bath tubs and so much more! Store currently holds a variety of sales and special offers so make sure to pay it a visit TODAY!

About Fascol

Fascol is dedicated to the design and manufacture of kid’s scooter, tricycle, ride-on vehicles and toys as well as items for the child’s toilet. Fascol started in China but now has subsidiaries in five European countries to ensure excellent customer service. Fascol hires outstanding Germany engineers to research and develop its product lines using non-toxic environmentally friendly material as Fascol’s first priority is children’s safety closely followed by care for the land. With excellent product quality, comfortable design and fun riding experience, Fascol has become more and more popular worldwide especially in European countries like UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
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