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One of my favorite quotes growing up was – Oh, the places you will go.
Sometimes I go online and search for items with my favorite Dr. Suess quote, trying to see what people have thought of creating, how they were inspired by this amazing soul.
On my recent “web trip” I found my favorite quote – on a hangable chock-board sign- perfect to hang on the walls of a nursery, classroom or kids bedroom!

Dr. Suess Sign for kids room nursery wooden sign quote oh the places you will go

The sign was made by Mackenzie, a middle school English teacher that loves to create!
Crafting was always a passion for Mackenzie, but when she started working at a new school- she decided to sit for a long and playful craft session- where she made a lot of cute and adorable signs to her coworkers- as an end-of-the-year gift!

Once her friends saw what she had made her coworkers- they demanded a piece of the action- for money! Thus, the beloved Mackenzie was no longer “just” a school teacher- but a true artist!

rainbow classroom sign

Inspired by making her friends happy and feeling so involved in how they made their apartments into a home- Mackenzie decided to open an Etsy shop- TeachCraftRead– making custom chock-board signs for classrooms and houses alike !

Here are some of her best signs yet (all available in her shop) :

Christmas cheer is on –
Everything on this shop is 20% off
from now and through December 1st!

dr suess hangable classroom sign wooden signs for teacher gift ideas

This teacher might have “started late” on the Etsy game,
but I have to say that her Instagram GAME is ON!!
With so many fun photos of her beautiful items, alongside her daily life (yup, she voted), you simply get to know her, and that makes her crafts even more cute!


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Visit TeachCraftRead Etsy shop for more!

teachers sign for classroom

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