Plus Size Mannequins


The plus size war is continuing to raise headlines- as it should be. It’s 2015 and being a plus size woman doesn’t mean being sick anymore. The fashion industry now acknowledge plus size beauties and hire plus size models, but most of the department stores still display mannequins making all women feel they are too fat and too short.

Ahlens Raises Headlines

If you’ve recently been to Sweden and visited Ahlens, you would have noticed something extraordinary. Along side the plastic puppets of how fashion magazines tells us we need to look like- stands a real woman. Well, as real as one mannequin can be.

mannequins-ahlens-plus-size ahlens-plus-size-store-mannequins

Plus Size Fashion

It’s true that Ahlens are not the first to have a plus size section… More and more stores these days are opening their minds to the possibility that a woman sized 12 would actually like to buy some cloths, and will look damn good in them. Online stores like Everything 5 Pounds , H&M+ and Asos even have an actual plus size section- with plus size models, showing that a plus size woman doesn’t have to wear only black and boring cloths. And if a section isn’t enough for you ladies- give Torrid a try- the store for sizes 12-28 only.

Plus Size Bloggers

As the need for plus size fashion increased- so did the media coverage. Plus size Bloggers and Vloggers are showing off their OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) wearing plus size clothes and looking amazing! if you are looking to follow one- my favourite would be Cora Alvillar and her YouTube channel vintageortacky.

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