Princess Belle Costume – Beauty and the Beast Halloween


Halloween 2020 is right around the corner- and now is the time to order your costumes!
If you’re looking to be extra royal and feminine this Halloween, there’s no better costume than the iconic Belle yellow dress!

beauty and the beast cosplay dress for women belle dress

Beauty and the Beast costume for women

A special and simple costume for women’s Halloween 2020 would be this amazing and super iconic Belle dress- the famous cartoon and real life movie yellow dress from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast! 
This special Belle costume is brought to you by Lydia Cosplay – a special Halloween and cosplay shop for ll the most unique costumes- for men and women!

taylor made belle dress plus size costumes for women beauty and the beast

Taylormade Belle Dress

belle beauty and the beast custom made dress

As we know that a princess dress costume is only as good as how it fits your body- we LOVE Lydia Cosplay! Their Halloween dresses for women and other cosplay costumes are made to fit your body- following a unique measurements chart! Just measure yourself in the places shown in this photo- and order yourself your very own Beauty and the Beast Belle Yellow Dress to fit your body like a glove!

beauty and the beast belle yellow dress costume

Check out this special Belle Yellow Dress costume
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