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Inspirational quote art and motivational sayings have been a trending theme for wall art designs for a long time now, and in the past few years they have also started trending on Etsy as inspirational wall art printables!
That means- that you’re not buying a physical quote wall art design, or a motivational poster… You print them yourself at home!

You could find inspirational wall art printables in many Etsy shops, in so many different designs, and in affordable prices. These wall art prints come as digital files you can download right after purchasing- and get them in different formats- PNG, JPEG and PDF- to print in your home printer on an A4 paper, half a page, or larger pages! You could also take these files to print shops and print them on to wood, metal, canvas, and more!

Here are some printable wall art quotes you could find on Etsy:

#1 – Born to be Brave motivational print

A beautiful inspirational quote wall print that you can print at home on different paper sizes, or take to a print shop and print on canvases, wood, metal and more!
This is a great printable empowerment poster for all you independent women out there, who’s been through something and are facing life with a brave smile!

Big inspirational poster, Women empowerment inspirational print

#2 – Printable Confucius quote wall art

Confucius is without a doubt- one of my favorite quote leaders! With beautiful and inspiring quotes under his armor, I chose this specific one for my printable quote art section : It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop! 

Confucius Quotes wall art, It does not matter how slowly you go inspirational print

#3 – You have the right to Shine affirmation poster

You have the right to shine- a beautiful affirmation quote wall art printable, with an original illustration of a woman I made few years back. It comes in a variety of sizes so you can print this quote art on large posters, or on small pages, like A5, and frame in a small frame by your bedside!

You have the right to SHINE affirmation wall art quote

#4 – I am so lucky positive wall art quote

I am so lucky- a printable quote poster that you can print at home!
A beautiful dark poster with an affirmation quote to remind you of your good fortune in life!

I am so lucky inspirational wall art instant download

#5 – Destination wall art quote

It’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey wall art quote with a beautiful road illustration. A printable wall art quote to inspire you in your day to day life <3

It's not about the destination wall art printable

#6 – RELAX tea/coffee printable wall art

A great printable wall art print for waiting rooms, kitchens, and even your office!
A calming tea/coffee mug, with painted leaves, matching the leaves up top, with the word RELAX.

Relax tea inspirational wall art printable A4 A5 sizes

#7 – Never stop trying Black and white printable

Black and white printable quotes are some of the most trending quotes on Etsy- as they are so easy to print at home- even if you don’t have a color tuner in your printer!
This motivational print NEVER STOP TRYING can be printed in different sizes, and placed anywhere in the house or office- that motivation is needed!

Never stop Trying motivational wall art print

#8 – The best version of yourself wall art quote

Be the best version of yourself- wall quote art in black and white text and a vintage style background.
As you can see in the photo below- this printable quote art, and all the printables above it, can be also downloaded in a square ratio and printed on square paper or canvases, up to 14 inches size!

Be the best version of yourself motivational poster printable

These inspirational wall art prints and printable quotes
are all from my Etsy shop The Greeting Owl
that has so many other unique wall art printables,
as well as printable greeting cards,
coloring pages, and more!

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