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If you’re looking for thank you stickers for your scrapbooking, gifts, or even for your clients, you must have seen that the internet is filled with them! There are so many thank you stickers online, on websites like Redbubble. Society6, Etsy, Amazon, eBay… But are they really worth it?

Thank you stickers can cost you a lot of money, and in most cases- you’ll need to wait a few days (or even a few weeks) till you actually get them! That’s why, in these crazy covid19 times, printable thank you stickers have become more popular than ever!

What are printable thank you stickers?

Printable thank you stickers are PNG or PDF files that contain multiple Thank You icons that you can print in your home printer- on a sticker paper! Much like regular A4 printer paper, sticker sheets are easy to print on, and don’t require any special software or program on your computer. Simply load a sticker sheet to your printer- and hit print on your PDF file and have yourself a full page that is a sticker!

If you don’t have a special cutting machine at home, or a cricut printer, printable thank you stickers can still be easily made! Simply cut the Thank You text icons once printed- and you got yourself amazing Thank You sticker sets in minutes!

Where to get printable thank you stickers?

Etsy is one of the biggest online markets for printable stickers of any kind, and especially printable thank you stickers! There are many online vendors that are talented graphic designers, who make special PDF files with multiple stickers for you to print and cut!
The prices for printable thank you stickers range between $1.5 – $6 in most shops, and they come in different styles, different amount of stickers per page, and different colors.
Some printable sticker designs feature the same Thank You sticker design over and over again, and some contain a variety of designs in different colors, as a part of a set.

Printable Thank You Stickers for just $1.5

While researching for this blog post I found that there were very few printable stickers I liked in an affordable price. Most printable sticker sheets on Etsy are watercolor stickers, and they are not my favorite kind… I personally love strong vivid colored stickers, especially for Thank You notes and gifts, so I decided to make them!
Trying to make this also an affordable item, I priced 3 sheets of printable thank you stickers in different styles- for just $1.5, and you can get them right here!

printable thank you sticker sheets in handwriting colorful thank you sticker set printable thank you stickers printable sheets of thank you stickers

As you can see, these printable thank you sticker sheets come in different colors, allowing you to have variety in your thank you notes and packages!
You can stick a thank you sticker on a blank card and create an instant thank you card, or use these stickers on thank you gifts, or as thank you for your buyers in your own Etsy store! All you need is sticker pages and you’re all set!

In this special printable thank you sticker set you get both PNG & PDF files!
Use the PDF file to open and print immediately without any hassle, or open the PNG file to cut out the stickers you want or use them digitally!
You can also print these printable thank you stickers on a regular piece of paper- to cut & glue them as needed!

Enjoy our Printable Thank You sticker set!

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