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The Women Team is owned by Maya Mey Aroyo.
Ownership business name: Queenja Content Services, a registered self owned business, in Israel.
Maya is also the owner of Maple Simple, a blog that talks about how to make a living online as a digital nomad.
In her mentorship programs she teaches people about SEO, content writing, being an affiliate, wordpress building, graphic design, and social media management.
While the site is owned and operated by Maya, the content provided is written by various interns, that change every 2-3 months.


We use cookies in our blog post and pages.
The links we have contains tracking cookies, to know where traffic comes from, and if our readers have purchased items based on our recommendations.
GOOGLE ANALYTICS is used to track all traffic to The Women Team, and as so- it saves information like surfing medium (mobile, PC, Mac, etc.) as well as other information like duration of stay on site, country and city where people are viewing the site from and more.
GOOGLE ADSENSE our site uses ads from Google Adsense to monetize the website. Those ads carry cookies that other websites “recorded”so that Google will know what kind of ads you like to see.
AFFILIATE PROGRAMS such as Etsy & Aliexpress are being used to monetized our website. These are well known affiliate programs who provide us with tracking and embed a cookie in the user’s browser to make sure we can track our commissions.
You can always clean your cookies on your mobile or desktop browser, but you should know that our cookies and affiliate commissions do not hurt the actual suppliers from which you choose to buy from.
SUBSCRIPTIONS when you subscribe for our email updates- we collect your email address. Your details will NEVER be given to anyone, and are only used for us to contact you by email- letting you know about new posts we wrote, as well as interesting sales of home decor items.


We promote all kinds of online shopping goods on The Women Team shopping blog!
We feature items like:
Fashion for women, cosplay, home decor items, wall art, kitchen gifts, gifts for moms, gifts for family, girlfriend and wife gifts, jewelry trends, bags, and anything else that is beautiful and can be purchased online!
We find our items online in a many places: Etsy, Society6, AliExpress, and other independent websites.

When we place a link to a product, it may or may not contain a tracking link.
We try to always check for reviews from the online vendor we recommend, and we do not recommend online sellers with problematic reviews.
However, if a seller has many reviews, we look at the overall score + recent reviews only.
We also cannot know what kind of reviews the seller gets- after we recommended them!
If you have seen a seller that we recommended that later on got bad reviews- please let us know!
You can report that to us through our owner’s Instagram account.
We have no control on the items you order and we urge you to do your own research before making an online purchase!

We try not to write the prices to the items we recommend- as they can change from time to time. However, we often recommend products under a certain amount of money- for example, creating a blog post for trending bags under $12.

We recommend these items under these prices, when their prices fall under these price categories- at the time we wrote the article!
We are in no way reliable for prices rising.

We promote selected trending items in our sidebar, as well as use Google AdSense to monetize our website.
The Google ads we display are NOT under our control- and are targeted based on your browsing history or online interests. These ads come directly from Google, we cannot control them, and they are derived from the information Google has on you- information we do not have!
We do not monetize any other major automated ad networks- so you never have to worry you’ll see pornographic content, or gambling, illegal content.


If you make a purchase for an item after clicking on one of our links- we get commission. That’s how we are able to make money and keep this website live!
We also promote certain shops that have purchased promotional posts and/or banners, on our blog, and social media pages.
That being said- if a shop owner selling “shady” items, or has bad reviews, chooses to purchase our advertising packages- we refuse them! We want to bring you quality items, and not just promote anyone!

We also promote items from our owner’s Etsy shop, and we hope you’ll love them too! Mostly printable greeting cards with original illustrations!

If you want to advertise your Etsy shop on our blog’s pages- please click HERE to see how!