Quality Custom Activewear with Unique Handmade Graphics


If you are looking for your next “active wear” don’t settle for the generic clothes you’ll find in your stores… Not when you can order interesting active wear, with a cool design, from Morgan Phipps.

Morgan Phipps is the owner of Mello Whisper Etsy store, the ships high quality clothes with a unique design, worldwide, from the United States. What I like most about this store is the couple’s section. This seller offers you a His&Hers wear, selling matching Ts for a cure couple! Shirts like these:

active-wear-his-and-hers active-wear-couple-gift

And not only does he have the option to get a couple’s set, but this seller is making it so easy for us to see the sizes for each of the genders:

active-wear-his active-wear-hers

You’ll find more interesting designs in Morgan’s Etsy store, that would make any casual outfit look so much more stylish and with a personal touch:

female-shirt wink-t-shirt

You will also find clothes to fit a young girl- with the cutest design saying she was established with LOVE, as well as the some design for babies! :



So make sure to visit Mello Whisper for more interesting designs that could be delivered to your door step- anywhere in the wold!

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