Rare Printable Photography by Designer Galit Meushar


The world of Etsy has opened our minds to a different kind of shopping experience. We no longer want the cheap, but look for the unique. We don’t have time to have items delivered to us- so we buy instant download wall art prints, and what we actually want on Etsy- is to feel connected to the person on the other side of the screen.

I love the Instant Download world on Etsy! The fact is- that if you like a print you see- you can just purchase it and download it right away- print it in your home/office printer- and enjoy a new wall art piece for your walls.

Today I decided to check for some inspirational photography that can be dowloaded for a small DIY wall art project. I have found interesting photos from many stores, but one caught my attention enough to have a look at the seller’s Bio.

Galit Meushar is a woman of many skills! After studying jewelry design, Galit still kept on one of her greatest passions- photography. Her beautiful photography sessions are documented in her Etsy shop- with everything available for instant download.

I am a mother to two beautiful daughters and I decided to work from home to be more with them.
I have a small room at my home where ideas come to life, where I work, where I create, where I design, where I photograph the jewelry and from there I run the online store and my business.

A lovely combination of jewelry and photography- 2 great art forms- in one person.

To see more of Galit’s photography downloadables
click HERE!

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