Rare Vintage Finds – Glass, Brass, Pottery, Crystal & More!

If you’re a fan of the vintage and unique, for your home decor or personal accessories- you’ll want to visit TheHouseOfNostalgia Etsy shop!

Owned by Tiffany Posey, this unique Etsy boutique is a place for the fine pleasures in life- vintage art pieces, trinkets, statues, kitchen items, unique boxes, folk art, purses, blankets, and so much more!

Dedicated to my incredible mother who would have absolutely LOVED doing this with me.

Blue Studio Pottery Jug Stoneware Tankard Pitcher by C Klein

Is how this store’s bio starts… Making me look at all the items so… Differently.
You see, a person collecting vintage items isn’t just a seller wanting to make a buck… But usually, there collectors who come to Etsy- have this passion in them, a sadness for the past, a smile for the good old days.
and as much as these items are unique and beautiful, their true value is in the way they make you feel.

I’m picking up where my beautiful Mother left off. Many of the items I sell are personal pieces, or items I inherited from my Mother, Grandparents & Great Grandparents. My mother was a lifelong antiques dealer, as well as my still vibrant Grandmother. It’s definitely in my DNA!

Studio Pottery Succulent Planter, Small Ceramic Planter Pot

Having vintage items these days is just… Better!
Everyone is getting their home decor in IKEA, their necklaces on Walmart, and no one is unique anymore. Every house is the same, every accessory is mass-produced… and There is no CHARM left.
Unless you go vintage… Find unique art to place on a shelf in your living room. Share fruit and snacks with friends- from a unique vintage plate or tray, and simply shine and be the bright star you are- with one of a kind jewelry- leftovers from various periods in the world.

Green Edwardian Cabochon Bracelet Festival Jewelry Costume Vintage

As the work of a true collector never ends- Tiffany never rests!
She keeps adding more and more beautiful vintage items to her shop…
The current number of listings is 170 (!!) in so many different styles!
Metals, glass, fabrics, stones, pottery, and more.

This store has actually taken me through memory lane, with the state plates Tiffany has.
I remember my great aunt and uncle, their stories of traveling through the US, bringing a plate from each city back home to Israel. I remember that big wall they had in the dining area…
Looking at Tiffany’s collection of state plates and I can’t help but remember the beautiful life they had, and smile.

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Visit TheHouseOfNostalgia Etsy shop today for more!

Nevada Souvenir State Plate, Homer Laughlin China Pink & 22k Gold Trim, The Silver State

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