If you’re looking for a special place to get some stylish fashionable outfits- you really need to check out RIQUAI Etsy shop and online store.

RIQUAI is a German clothing brand that covers all your basic needs of clothing:
Leggings for those cold days, oversized dresses for casual outings, turtleneck sweaters for the wintertime, suede coats for that extra flair, sexy comfortable mid dresses, and much more!
This shop is one place you want to look deep, see everything they got, and make mixes and matches with the items you get from it- to create the perfect outfit- everyday!

RIQUAI designs all their clothes in their studio in Dusseldorf, while production is made in the fashion capital of Europe- Italy!
Once made by hand to perfection- items are shipped back to the studio in Dusseldorf.
The Dusseldorf studio is not just for the owner and designers of RIQUAI, but it’s also a showroom open to the audience- allowing you to get a look behind the scenes of RIQUAI’s fashion making, as well as see the items for yourselves!

This special German clothing brand also makes the most precious accessories, such as leather bags, winter hats, scarves, and more!

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