Robert Essex & His Love for Glass


People can often find themselves in a trade or art form… Some people are drawn to calm trades, or physical, other… Like Robert Essex, are drawn to fire.

In his Etsy store he sells beautiful glass designs… A collection of unique handcrafted (hand-blown) glass beads- that will make a simple cord look like a priceless necklace!

Instant Thing pendant from glass

If you’re looking for an interesting DIY jewelry project, Robert’s glass beads could help you greatly! They are ALL one of a kind, and would make a great gift for a girlfriend or a sister! (Or a mother who’s young in spirit!).

Robert ships worldwide, and often holds sales and deals in his Etsy shop EssexGlassArt.
You could find more information about these sales, promos and new designs by following Robert’s glass pendants on social media: Facebook | Instagram .
Ot you could simply follow him on Instagram cause, you know… He blows fire!!!

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Check out more awesome glass pendant designs by Robert Essex
in his Etsy shop EssexGlassArt

Unconscious Shape glass pendant

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