Rosita Thought She Could Make A Living On Etsy… She Was Right!


Most of the sellers on Etsy have a day job, or are homemakers.
It’s understandable, as it is hard to start selling on Etsy when so many other stores already have a client pool and reviews. But it’s not impossible.

From day 1, Rosita knew she would make it.
Het Etsy store, pillowlink, is her full time job, and it’s been her full time job ever since she opened it in 2011. After 6 years on Etsy her store is approaching 4000 sales, and 1000 reviews (all 5 stars).

Pillowlink is a business based off of… Pillows!
Throw pillows, cushions, and other textile delights for your living room and bedroom. And when you see the super cool designs she’s got going on there- you wouldn’t be surprised at all that she made it to the big league!

These are my favorite items:

Reindeer gold hand print on natural linen throw pillow white bow throw pillow penguin throw pillow bird throw pillow

To see more cool designs visit this store’s Etsy page or Facebook fan page!

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