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If you’re planning a wedding- this post is for you!

Planning a wedding could be a hassle. There are so many things you need to take care of, as you want your guests to be happy and satisfied sharing this big day with you.
It’s weird saying this, cause people automatically assume that weddings are for the couple, but if you’ve ever planned a wedding than you know that 80% of what you are worried about are things for the guests… Will they like the food, will the venue fit everyone you’re inviting, will the music be good and will people dance?

So… Once you’ve established all of these things… It’s time to talk about you, the bride. And this one item is for you and you alone- your bouquet.
Your wedding bouquet is one of the only things in wedding planning that effects you and you alone. It’s you choice of style and your way to express personal taste in a day when you are pretty much told what color to wear (white, duh!).

So what kind of bride are you?
Are you into vintage style flowers? Would you like a completely white wedding bouquet or are you more into sharing the colors of the rainbow in your bridal bouquet?
I set out to my favorite “place” in the world to show you some amazing options for your wedding flower bouquet- Etsy.

Never get married without a visit to Etsy

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, and you need to make sure it is as special as the love you have to your MAN!
Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods, and as it embodies so many different vendors from all over the world- you have this great opportunity to have something truly unique for your big day.

Celebrate Your Story Wooden Flower Arrangement - Farmhouse Flourish Collection - Rustic Decor - Made to Order - Birthday Gift

One of the most amazing things you’ll be able to find on Etsy when shopping for a pending wedding is a bridal bouquet, and I think I have found the best place to do that in.
NovelExpression is the name, a beautiful Etsy store owned by Tiffany Adams from Florida.
With the help of 3 amazing women, Vanessa Rose, Lawana Gray & Stephanie Jackson, the 4 create the wonderful floral wedding bouquets that you’ve seen here in this post, and they are shipping them- worldwide!

Classic Holiday Wooden Flower Bouquet - Natural White, Meadow Green, Burgundy - Made to Order - Holiday - Christmas - Winter

Should I really get a “FAKE” wedding bouquet?

A lot of women want to have a real flower bouquet VS a “fake” wedding bouquet, but I personally don’t understand why. As much as flowers are awesome and great, and you could use a near-by florist to decorate your venue- flowers die. A special made bouquet from wood, plastic and delicate materials- won’t. It would be your souvenir, something that if you store properly you could even give a young sister- or even your daughter.

SAMPLE - Garden Woodland Loose Flowers - Wooden Flowers - Garden Woodland Wedding Collection - Custom Colors - Made to Order

More than that, with NovelExpression you can order a floral wedding bouquet with a scent of your choosing! The scents last for 2-6 months, depending on where you store the bouquet and how well you keep it safe, and it’s a lovely addition to this product, a unique service that is rare to find even in the big Etsy market.

Planning a cowboy-cowgirl wedding?
This Etsy store has got you covered!

Rustic Boot Cuff - Wooden Flowers - Rustic Charm Wedding Collection - Natural - Custom Colors - Made to Order

So yeah- the “fake” is totally worth it, for me. And I am sure that when you order from NovelExpression and receive their beautiful and scented wedding bouquet-
you won’t regret it.
Seriously, ordering from a wedding bouquet supplier with over 1100 sales and a 5 star rating- is the simplest decision you’ll make in this whole day!

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