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You could pretty much find anything these days on Etsy and other online markets… However, there’s a huge difference between finding something nice, like a new trinket, bracelet or wall art, and finding a unique store that combines the love of craft and the love of country.

American Flag Wall Art, Barn Wood Art, Wood American Flag, 33x17 Distressed Rustic Folk Art, Flag Wall Art

The American flag, the American proud, is placed out for display on Folkartflags Etsy shop, and the person behind the flag’s rustic and vintage looks is Chuck Gardner.
As Chuck’s store is approaching 200 rustic American flag sales, I thought it’d be a cool idea to share some things you probably didn’t know about Chuck and his craftsmanship.

EXTRA Large American Flag, 36x60 Rustic Flag on Rare 12 Inch Wide Barn Wood, Home Decor, Office Decor, Commercial Art

1. Started off with a paint contracting business, Chuck sees that job as what taught him just how to treat vintage wooden boards and paint them without hurting the surface’s vintage appeal.

2. The wooden boards Chuck uses- are just that rare vintage wooden finds that are so hard to find in the market these days!
While most people who sell wooden boards (with any kind of art or design) do so with new wood or pallet wood, Chuck hunts down the right boards, pays extra for high quality, and makes sure his wooden American flags will have that much needed character!

Barnwood American flag, Rustic American Flag, 21x36, Reclaimed Wood Wall Art, 100 year old Oak Barn Wood, Christmas Gift for Husband

3. To this date- Chuck has made over 850 rustic vintage wood American flags! Quite an accomplishment for a decade worth of work and crafts.

4. Most of the boards that Chuck uses for his flags are over 100 years old! A true American legacy!

Distressed American Flag, Folk Art Flag, EXTRA large at 33x60 inches!, Patriotic Wall Hanging, Reclaimed Wood Flag, Barn Sign, Patriotic Art

5. Making custom work is something that Chuck is so happy to be doing. He was especially moved when he got the request to customize a rustic wooden American flag for the governor of Georgia!

Knowing all these facts bout Chuck and his rustic wooden American flags makes no difference to me…
I thought he and his flags were super awesome even before I knew about all this!


What moved me the most in all of this, was to read the amazing reviews people wrote about Chuck’s flags on Etsy… As all the reviews are public (see them here if you like to), I had to share some of the photos that new flag owners uploaded – featuring Chuck’s rustic American flags in their homes!

So… If you have that PATRIOTIC feeling inside of you… Showcase it in your home or business- with Chuck’s Folk Art Flags!
You can follow Chuck and his American flag crafts on his social channels- making sure you’ll always see stripes and stars on your social feeds!

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