Sacred Geometry Inspired Artwork


Mandala prints (framed or not), stickers and even leggings- all with the geometric vibe on them- in one place!
That place is an Etsy store called KorvinKustoms, owned by Zak Korvin from Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Etsy is the biggest marketplace online, currently, for handmade and hand-crafted items, and what I love about it so much is that every seller has a story. Some of them use their education and studies to open an online business, using Etsy just as another platform, while other sellers have a different day job or a relatively close career to what they do in their store.
Zak is from the second kind.

As a tattoo artist, Zak specializes in black and grey geometrical patterns, specifically mandalas.
Recognized by the Fine Art Trade Guild as a Guild Commended Framer, Zak worked in picture framing whilst moonlighting as a graphic designer for many years, with a brief stint as a certified casino dealer.
In 2013 he quit his job in framing to go hitch-hiking with his best friend Cal, from their home in the Black Country, England and all the way to India. Due to border restrictions Cal and Zak never made it to India, but they did enjoy China! Coming back from that, Zak turned to what he does best- Mandalas. And his Etsy store is filled with these wonderful geometric shapes- in black and white.

Here are some of the items you could find in his store, prints and stickers:

However, my personal favorite item were these amazing leggings- simply looking too good to be true:

Zak is very active on Social media and has a Facebook account and an Instagram account you could follow to see more of his art and get news about special sales, new items and promotions!
I especially loved his Insta account with over 5K followers- a high number for an Etsy seller indeed! Visit his Etsy store to see prices and more items! And while you do it (or before, or after) here’s a quick lesson from Zak on how to make his mandalas:

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