Say Goodbye to Illness in a Natural Way

We all have our troubles… Some of us deal with skin conditions, hair problems, suffer from aching gums… Truly, the number of things that could go wrong in our bodies- is endless.
Although modern medicine has taken us a long way in the past century, some things can easily be fixed, or eased, with natural oils and ingredients that can be found in nature.

Martha and her husband woke up one bright day to a new reality- their son had a pimple on his eye.
Only 10 months old, their child suffered tremendous pain.

eye pimple cure for babies
Illustrating photo.

Doctors tried everything they could, but the problem got worse, infecting the other eye as well.
As a Hale-Marry, the couple decided to try ancient natural medicine. Mixing few oils and counting on nature to help heal their boy. And it did.

The couple spoke about what they did in their Etsy shop-

As a last resort, we sort out some healing oils, but were not convinced they would be effective as we have already tried some with coconut, olive, and jojoba as carrier oils to no avail. With that, researching Omega 9’s we found how much deeper they penetrate the skin, then a miracle happened. We applied the mixture multiple times daily and by the third day we noticed a change in both, they were healing! We wanted to cry tears of joy this time! Within a few weeks it was completely clear, our serum worked when everything else has failed.

healing homemade made i the usa natural rememdies
Martha & her family

They have said goodbye to their son’s eye condition- and made a decision that day… To help say goodbye to other problems people deal with!

A business was born, with a suitable name- The GoodBye Company!

They mixed oils, found different compounds that worked, held test groups, and found the right combinations to make and sell products that can help you with bad gums, insomnia, earaches, acne, nail fungus, hemorrhoids, and many other conditions!

Having these type of natural remedies could be a great solution from people who suffer from chronic conditions and are not seeing enough improvements from usual and orthodox medicine. They are not a substitute for seeing a doctor, and I always recommend to share these kind of ideas, about natural medicine, with your family doctor!

These remedies are also amazing for people who are unable to get the orthodox treatment, or that are sensitive to it. And I can honestly say that I feel people like Martha and her family- are here to make a difference in the world.

Find out more about this amazing and unique healing shop on Etsy
Visit The GoodBye Company today!

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