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Maybe it’s about time you got to know me better. After writing several personal posts here at The Women Team, I had this one coming. If you’ve been following my personal shout-outs than you must know that I started freelancing few months back. I have built Queenja, about the same time I built this website, and it is my professional “window” to my writing and SEO services. handmade-scarf-I-madeAs my days are escaping me and turning into nights, i work around the clock. Computer screen, keyboard, long hours… I had to do something that makes me feel creative. So I make scarves!

Nothing Is Better Than A Hand Made Piece

Honestly. If I walk down the street and I see other people wearing what I have at home, I get a bit sad. It might sound stupid, but I like to feel unique. (Maybe that’s why I dislike IKEA so much LOL) So as winter kicked in I decided I needed to go over my wardrobe and make a few stylish adjustments. As I am not a professional stitcher, and don’t have a sawing machine at home I decided to take on scarves as my first wardrobe project. I went to the main city’s market and feasted my eyes on some amazing and soft fabrics… Searching for those I don’t see often in stores.

Amongst all of them I found this amazing stripes/stars brown fabric, silk cotton, that just screamed my name when I passed it. Got it in both blue and brown and was anxious to get home and create my first ever handmade scarf, by me. handmade-scarf-by-me-stars-and-stripsAfter an hour of trying to cut it right and hand-sawing that piece, I cut it’s edges and tied them together, creating rough fringes that I felt were a reflection of my mood at the moment.

Much More To Come

Since then I made 3 more scarves. An amazing red-dots-on-white fringe scarf that I gave a friend, a lovely and warming infinity scarf, coloured blue and with black birds printed on it, and another infinity scarf made from very thin cotton mixed with chiffon and is coloured in various shades of purple and yellow. I am actually thinking of making a post about how to make these scarves… If that’s something you’d want to see- let me know!

HandMade To Sell

I am also toying with the thought of making more scarves and selling them on Etsy. I “walk” around Etsy a lot, looking at amazing handmade pieces from all over the world… What I like about these types of sellers is that most of their products are one of a kind. I might start selling on Etsy soon, however, there are sellers there already ROCKING the handmade scene… Sellers like Suzanne Dekel.


Suzanne Dekel’s Etsy Store

As I said, I was cruising down Etsy-lane when I saw a seller from Israel that makes the most amazing handmade silk scarves. Her Etsy store is a celebration to local Israeli botanics, as all of her scarves are eco-printed and combine REAL leaves in the design. If you are looking for ONE OF A KIND items to add to your wardrobe- this is one store you don’t want to miss.
handmade-silk-scarf-sold-on-etsy-from-israelAt Suzanne’s Etsy store you could find silk scarves, handmade and eco-printed, in a variety of colours and lengths. From a simple scarf, with regular everyday measurements, to huge shawls that would wrap your body with silk from the holy-land. Her little shop only holds one of a kind items. As the eco-printing process can take up to several days for each piece, you can be sure that a lot of love, time and effort were put into every single one of Suzanne’s scarves. You can see her lovely daughter on the right image modelling one of her amazing pieces. Simply click on the image to go to Suzanne’s Etsy store!
Suzanne Dekel also sells house decor items, made with love from a soft cotton fabric. her amazing hand-printed 50 by 50 cm pillow covers would make any living room look unique (Even if you got your furnitures from IKEA) and are easily closed with a zipper. Using a special techniques in her hand-dying called Itajime Shibori, Suzanne is dying her creations with natural dye, made of plant materials. Coming with a subtle finish line- her pillow covers are a living-room changer!

Feel free to visit Suzanne’s Etsy store and see more of her amazing designs, and don’t forget to like our page on Facebook… When I start selling my scarves- you’d be the first to know!

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