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Looking for the perfect Geek gift?
Got a geeky friend who loves Scifi and you don’t know what to get them fro Xmas/Birthday? Look no further! Michael’s has got you covered!

Game of Thrones : Tormund and Brienne Gothic : Coaster Set Game of Thrones : Mother of Dragons : Coaster Set

(beautiful scifi coasters the Michael is making!)

Michael D’Amico is the owner of ClassicSciFi Etsy store, and he is selling the most beautiful fashion items and accessories inspired by his favorite Scifi characters and scenarios!

Game of Thrones, Mad Max, Star Wars and so many other huge hits are waiting for you (and your geek of choice) in Michael’s store:

In 2013, we started a clothing line befitting our love of Classic Sci-Fi films. Using only the highest quality t-shirts, featuring all original artwork, we are proud to present our Classic Sci-Fi line exclusively on the authentic, real, Etsy store.

Star Wars : Master Yoda Ale : Women's Gray Performance T-Shirt

Operating for over 4 years, this Etsy store is one of the most reliable stores, with 2700+ sales and a strong perfect 5 star review score!

If you want to make sure you never miss a new design by Michael from his Scifi-geek store- you should 1. Like his store’s page on Facebook, and 2. Favorite his Etsy store!

Have fun shopping for your favorite geek!

Game of Thrones : Mother of Dragons : Cotton Tote Bag

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