Scifi, Fantasy & Horror Inspired Designs


Are you a Game of Thrones fan?
Never miss out on an episode of The Walking Dead?
Is Star Wars your favorite movie?

Well, it’s time to celebrate out favorite movies and TV shows from the best genres there are: Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy!

A unique Etsy store sells designed inspired by big time movies and binge-worthy TV shows… It’s called ClassicScifi. Owned by Michael D’Amico, this store is a great place to find unique designed every day items- that were inspired by some of the greatest moments on the small and big screen.
Coasters, T shirts, mouse pads, tote bags- and that’s just the begining!

ClassicScifi Etsy store has over 2600 sales, and managed to keep up a 5 star rating all through- proving they’ve got a winning product in their hands!

The owner takes pride in this store, and in the fact that it glorifies only the best of the best fantasy and Scifi shows and movies, making sure your browsing around wouldn’t be wasted on shows that never should have been aired to begin with!
In his Etsy store, Michael wrote about how he started ClassicScifi:

In 2013, we started a clothing line befitting our love of Classic Sci-Fi films. Using only the highest quality t-shirts, featuring all original artwork, we are proud to present our Classic Sci-Fi line exclusively on the authentic, real, Etsy store.

You can follow Michael’s social channels (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest) if you like what you see- that way you’re going to be alerted whenever a new design comes out- or if there’s a big sale ahead! You could also check out this Etsy store’s official website by clicking right HERE.

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