Sexy Lingerie & Robes From Bucharest


If living in Bucharest for 4 months 2 years ago has taught me anything- is that Romanian women know how to be sexy!!

Shiny Dressing Gown, Burlesque Lingerie Feather Robe, Stage Dress

It’s in everything you do, really… Being sexy is the attitude, the way you wear your clothes, and the way you move. It’s about confidence, mystery and the ability to make one smile catch all the eyes in the room… And that ability, to be amazingly sexy, is what I see in a small Etsy shop called DyStyle.

Pink and Black Boudoir Dressing Gown, Marabou Feather Robe Lingerie, Bride Dressing Gown, Burlesque Dressing Gown, Sheer Feather Kimono Custom Blue Satin Angel Sleeve Robe, Burlesque Feathers Dressing Gown, Elegant Dressing Gown

Not so small anymore, carrying more than 500 sale, DyStyle Etsy shop is a unique Romanian Etsy boutique for handmade clothing for the strongest most stylish women!
Their special collections feature unique high quality fabrics, as well as comfort fits for any woman. But what really stands out- are their sexy robes and Lingerie items…

Sequin Cover-Up Rave Kimono Cape, Sequin Dress, Plus Size Festival Robe Limited EditionIvory Big Feathers Glamorous Dressing Gown, Big Feathers Ivory Robe, Bride Feathers Dressing Gown, Ivory Stage Dress

This unique and exclusive style has been made available worldwide due to the amazing online mall that is Etsy, and with it- you could get the sexiest Romanian fashion- right to your home and bedroom!

Visit DyStyle Etsy shop for more!

Custom Silky Satin Nightgown, Vintage Style Sleepwear Lingerie, Long Satin Nightgown also plus size

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