“She Boxes Like A Girl”


It’s hard to be a female boxer, trust me, I would know.

I started boxing when I was 12 years old, as I learned the art of Tai Chi. As the years went by I loved to see these freestyle boxing areas in the gyms I went to. I hated boxing in classes, so these were the perfect solution for me. Like this perfect boxing area at my sports club Zeus:

As much as I loved the area and the big black bag- I had such a hard time trying to find boxing equipment. I must have went to 100 stores, and checked everywhere online to find something that would be good for me to box with.
I don’t know how much you know, but boxing gloves need to be perfect- other wise, if you settle for cheap quality, you can end up hurting yourself, twisting your wrist or even breaking it.

No matter where I was looking, even if I did find gloves that would be in good quality they were kind of… Ugly. I mean- I’m a girl. Until I discovered Midlands PKA Kickboxing’s online store. Not only did the store feature some of the highest quality boxing gear I have ever seen- but it also had something that girls like me would love- PINK boxing gloves!! The gloves are made using high quality synthetic leather with a velcro wrap-around closure for a nice snug fit. Don’t they just look super??

I like that look at the gym, as I’m approaching the boxing bag, and all the men around look at “that girl who’s about to try to hit the bag…”. After I take one punch I can see in their eyes that they are shocked. I love to tell them- I punch like a girl 🙂

However, Midlands PKA Kickboxing don’t just make this item in pink… If you’re a true FIGHTER, you know that a boxing bag can take in more than just your punches! For you KICKA$$ ladies there’s another product that can come in handy… Booster Fight gear ‘STRIKER’ PINK Thai style shin guards:


So… The next time someone tells you you punch like a girl- go to Midlands PKA Kickboxing’s online store, gear up with the girliest boxing gear- and show them how a girl really punches! 

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