She Won’t Say NO With This 14k Rose Gold Proposal Ring

If you’re going to pop the question, or just looking for a unique and special ring for your wife- there’s nothing classier than a Moissanite pear shaped diamond ring.
One of my favorite places to search online for engagement rings is Etsy. The online marketplace for handmade goods holds so many artisans from different countries around the world… Some of them are countries in which gold quality is higher, but somehow cheaper than the States… Allowing you to purchase a proposal ring in the highest of qualities- but in an affordable price.

14k rose gold solitaire ring

Found on VintezzaDiamond Etsy shop, this beautifully crafted pear shape diamond ring is a celebration of style, love, and class. You can order it in any kind of gold combination & color: 10k/14k/18k Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, as well as order it directly in the ring size you need.

engagement ring with diamonds

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stunning engagement ring proposal rings

Maya Mey Aroyo

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