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It seems that every few decades we, people, take a leap, discover something new, and decide to do things differently.
I think that our generation is one that has decided to take better care of our skins.
You see more and more people using sun-blocks, making sure their diets fit their blood-tests, work-out regularly, and most important- only use natural products to take care of our skins!

The most common natural product we all need to be using is natural handmade soap. These types of soaps are great for 3 reasons:
1. You get all the benefits of natural oils to your skin care
2. You lose the ill effects of harmful chemicals
3. You’re not abusing any animals in the process!

These unique handmade soaps can be found almost anywhere online, however, one Etsy store came to mind when thinking of this post- SheaSoapGarden.
This unique shop started as a hobby last year, by Jon Ford.

I work as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic in southern Alabama with a wife and 3 children. Because of my schedule of 24 hours on and 48 hours off, I’m able to spend time with my family at home and of course… Make soap.

The best item, by far, in Jon’s handmade soaps shop is the tea tree oil soap bar.
Tea Tree oil soaps combined with a special type of raw shea butter are used to treat various skin conditions… From Acne to fungus, from Eczema to extra tanning, from cuts to excessive dryness and more!

Plus- it’s 100% vegan!

Want to see more?
Visit SheaSoapGarden Etsy shop today!

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