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If you’re a guitarist, pianist, a DJ, a singer-songwriter, or just an avid music lover- you’re going to love LavivaStore’s new musical collection of music inspired tshirts! 
I’ve written about LavivaStore’s shirts for music lovers in the past, however, they have added some new and interesting music lover shirts to their collection- that are worth another post!
Check out the previous post about music lover shirts from LavivaStore:

Unique Shirt Designs for Musicians & Music Lovers

Their new collection features brighter colors, and more complex designs, creating word clouds inside guitars, humorous shirts, rock fans shirts, and more!
All of LavivaStore’s music lovers shirts are made UNISEX to fit both men who love music, and women!
Their shirts come in a high quality, with great printing, and they make for a great ideas for gifts for men- as I never know what to get a guy other than a good shirt!

The base colors you see here, with these music inspired shirt designs, are just my personal favorite, with more colors available for each tshirt design, and more musical shirt designs available on LavivaStore!

Visit LavivaStore for your own musical shirt!

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