Shoe Clips, Bowties, Brooches & Accessories from Seoul, Korea


One of my favorite things about traveling to the east- is getting to see this different and unique culture.
This culture is not only in the food and the people you meet- but it’s also in their fashion accessories- as each culture has it’s own unique style…

If you’ve ever wanted to try out different styles and get an interesting accessory collection into your home and wardrobe- now’s your chance!
Get all the KOREAN style you want- without leaving your home!

Introducing- Mignonfactory Etsy shop!

Owned by Jane, this shop is a place to find the most unique Korean accessories- all made in Seoul, Korea!

Here are some of my favorite handmade accessories from Mignonfactory:

If you like what you’ve seen here so far you’d be happy to know that Jane has a lot more beautiful Korean style accessories in her shop! And on top of her shop she has an Instagram page and a Pinterest page- where she shares her handmade accessories with the world <3


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Visit Mignonfactory Etsy shop today for more!

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